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Your solution for all things tech and IT on your schedule.

We offer honest, accurate and thorough work for your Mac or Windows

based computer. One day turn around on most work. 

Mac • Windows • IT services

Faslane Tech Services provides all aspects of Mac and Windows support including:

Sales, maintenance, file and data recovery, system tune-ups, archival and backup solutions,

hardware repair/replacement, and upgrades all on YOUR schedule. 

Residential / Business Sales and support

You will be astounded that you had a very great experience with
us, and certainly the most honest.
We do not price-gouge nor mislead our valued clients.



Shout out to Faslane Tech! I was about to set my laptop on fire and got his name a friend. Within an hour he had a solution and is going above and beyond to get me up and running! In less than 24 hours I went from paperweight to brand new macOS up and running! AND his prices are unbeatable. Unparalleled service and speedy response time!!! Plus he is a super nice guy! 15/10 stars.

~Nellie B (last name withheld.)


Amazing computer services! Appt. Only but cheap and super fast but thorough!!!

~Barrett J. (last name withheld.)


Always a pleasure. I'm never concerned that my laptop will be snooped at and I always get it back nice and clean free of malware and viruses and know that it'll run like new again.

Debbie and Michael (last name withheld)

HONEST IT service. It's that Simple....

We pride ourselves operating with the highest standards of honesty and integrity.

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